Original Kisses Collection - 'Damselfy' Silver Fairy Stud Earrings

Original Kisses - 'Damselfly' - Air

Sweet little damselfly, the artists muse sits on the lilies of the river thinking over how her next great masterpiece will put the world to rights.

A beautiful pair of sterling silver fairy earrings studs with delicate flower butterfly backs.

Fairy: approx 10mm

Material: 925 Sterling Silver 

This hand finished original faery collection is totally unique to Faery Kisses. It includes necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings in four different designs each with their own individual personalities and elemental magic. They were designed by myself, then cast by a top quality small British company in Birmingham. Each one is lovingly finished in my Glastonbury workshop and 100% British made.

If you desire a custom made piece including Damselfly please do get in touch, the possibilities are endless...

Many thanks xxxx