Trix's Bubble Mix


Welcome to the secret of Faery-Tastic Bubble blowing!

For years people have been asking me how I create such amazingly Giant and long lasting Bubbles! My answer is always the same "The secret is in the Mix!" I tell them with a cheeky wink!

Now, due to popular demand, I have bottled that secret recipie for everyone to enjoy!

Trix's Bubble Mix is a concentrated form of my tried and tested Faery Kisses bubble serum. Its easier to store and cheaper to post, all you need to do is add water!

There are two pretty easy ways for you to add the right amount of water to make the mix ready for use, just choose the easiest one for you and away you go!

  1. Pour out Trix's Bubble Mix into whatever dipping pot you are going to use for dipping your Bubble Loop (etc) in, then use the empty bottle to measure and add 3 lots of water! Simple!
  2. If you want to mix it up for use in machines or with smaller toys simply find an empty bottle of the right size (250ml = 1 Litre bottle or 500ml = 2 Litre bottle) pour in the Trix's Bubble Mix then fill the remaining space with water! Easy!

If you are new to making Giant bubbles then check out our Starter Kit!

Happy Bubbling :-) xxxxxx