Trixie's Giant Bubble Blowing Starter Kits

Ever wish YOU could make giant bubbles???

Well now you can!  I have put together a starter kit suitable for all ages, including all you need to get started blowing giant bubbles!

The kit includes:

  1. A set of Trixie's Epic Bubble Loop Sticks, This simple but effective tool can be used by all ages to entertain for hours. Easy to use - I've even seen three year olds and octogenarians doing a good job (supervision may be required). Fun to use - It never gets boring.... hand made in Glastonbury and tested in the festival field.
  2. A 250ml Bottle (Makes 1 Litre) of Trix's Bubble Mix Concentrate a concentrated form of my tried and tested Faery Kisses bubble serum. Its easier to store and cheaper to post, all you need to do is add water!